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At STANDARD INDUSTRIES our first priority is safety. We’re proud of our highly trained and experienced employees and their exceptional safety record. Most large corporations measure safety performance by their experience modifier rating. Since 2000 our experience modifier rating has averaged .89. Anything under 1.0 is considered excellent safety performance.

In regards to execution of your demolition project, everything is driven by a schedule. To meet today’s aggressive construction schedules, demolition companies must have a lot of specialized equip-ment and experienced equipment operators.

We are the largest recycling facility in Ventura County. Although we have two divisions of our company, demolition and scrap recycling, we share the same type of equipment with both divisions. This ability to share assets between our divisions during downturns in the construction industry allows us the ability to retain experienced personnel, while maintaining a modern fleet of equipment. Being in the recycling business for over 20 years has allowed us to develop a significant network of domestic and international buyers of surplus equipment and scrap metal. Prior to demolition, our recovery experts will identify reusable equipment, scrap metal and recyclable materials and place a value on those items to directly reduce your demolition costs.